Top 10 Ceremony Must Do’s

Top 10 Modern Ceremony Ideas 10 Practical ideas which add warmth and fun to your ...

Top 10 Modern Ceremony Ideas

10 Practical ideas which add warmth and fun to your wedding ceremony.

1.  DO ** Above all, book a fabulous celebrant

who is organised, experienced, professional, vibrant and can not only create a fabulous ceremony but also create a fabulous atmosphere.  This day, this occasion, usually less than one hour, will be one of the most memorable times of your entire life, it reflects you completely so make sure this time is planned perfectly and memorable for all the right reasons.

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2. DO ** Personalise your ceremony.

*****Ditch the boring readings.  hmm This is usually the time I see guests lose interest and nod off 🙂

You don’t actually ‘need’ readings, they’re part of a template left over from church ceremonies where bible readings were included.  SO, unless you are absolutely connected to an existing reading, love it, and want it…. you can skip this and leave it out OR have some fun, ask one of your family members / guests / wedding party to write a poem, a reading or a song for you, you’ll be surprised by what might be created.

*****Create your very own  ‘Family Crest’ and use it throughout your Menu’s, Invitations, Thank you’s, Decorations for the Ceremony and forever more.

Easily created from your surname or initials. LOVE this xx Visit on Instagram for this personal service!

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*****Include your loved ones

If one Dad gets the spectacular moment of walking down the aisle and there are two gorgeous Dad’s to consider, ask the other Dad to present the rings 🙂 I love this! Both fathers are honoured and are the last to hug and kiss you before you’re married. Include special children, they’ll never forget the experience, even include your pets.
Ask Mum’s or Grandparents to sign the official documents and watch the tears 🙂 So special.

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3. DO ** Waiting groom fun! SELFIES 🙂

Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant wedding groom selfie ben porcaro and laura

Waiting at the altar or arbour can be nerve racking and distraction is a good idea, eases nerves and creates laughter and fun:)
If you are a Groom or Bride awaiting your partner, and the nerves kick in, take a few selfies with your bridal party and a selfie with seated guests waving in the background.
This can be so much fun, lessen the nerves and really relax the guests too, you’ll also have those few extra photos for memories.

4. DO ** Take time to breathe and clear the aisle between bridal party and bridal entrance.

If you’re a bride (or arriving groom) with attendants, these are usually your favourite people, best friends and family members.  They don’t want to miss a moment of your beautiful walk down the aisle.
You want to see your partner walking toward you down the aisle in full glory, no distractions, so allow your attendants a wonderful entrance, even organise a separate song for them, then……. Once they are in position and organised, your celebrant can announce YOUR arrival 🙂 …aaaaaaand breathe
This gives a few moments of expectation and magic, your walk down the aisle is just your moment.

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5. DO **Ask for your guests to be seated for the Brides & Groom’s entrance

Non traditional but wow it’s so much better.
When the bride (or groom) appears on the aisle, they can be clearly seen by absolutely everyone, and can see every single guest, this is so important for the VIP’s who are seated in the front row.
The photographers and videographers will LOVE you for this too as they will have range to stand anywhere to clearly and beautifully capture the moments and they won’t need to be situated on the aisle to get these shots.
With no photographers on the aisle, the aisle is clear so there are no distractions when eyes meet and the couple see each other for the first time.

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6. DO ** Share the love with photos and Online Lives

*****Allocate ONE MINUTE for guests to take photos

terrible photo of people taking photos at wedding why to have an unplugged wedding
Allow a light hearted, easy, one minute for guests to take photos of you both before the ceremony starts.     As a celebrant I can announce that the ceremony is photo / camera / phone free… unplugged, and for a bit of fun, let them know they’ll have one minute to take a few photos after the couple are in position right before we commence the ceremony.
This can be so much fun, and relaxing for the couple who can have a fun minute and the guests can then put away their devices and enjoy the ceremony 🙂

*****Zoom, Facetime, Online Stream! Yes we love this.

Share the love! FaceTime your ceremony, ask one guest to hold the phone and go live, or private live stream via Zoom or the like.  This can be kept forever to watch over and over.
Make sure to take a moment during the ceremony intro to way hello and wave to the online guests too.

Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant Wedding Sunshine Coast zooming Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant Wedding Sunshine Coast  Cooper Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant Wedding Sunshine Coast Amr

7. DO ** Hand the bridal bouquet to a parent or grandparent.

Once comfortably in position you may not want to hold the floral bouquet for the entire ceremony, so before the ceremony starts, or just prior to the rings and vows, you might want to pass your bouquet to the celebrant.
The bouquet can place it onto the bridal table or into the arms of someone you love for safekeeping.
So much nicer than it being juggled by one of your attendants.

8. DO ** Have confetti! MUST have confetti 🙂

11175034_1105446962804019_5305762243534065053_n     Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant Wedding Sunshine Coast  Priscila bond art

Rose petals, rice, whatever you like (see confetti BLOG link) your celebrant will asks guests to be upstanding for your introduction and recessional and as you take your first steps onto the aisle as newlyweds, you are showered in not only confetti but cheers, love and good wishes!  The moment guests stand to celebrate really shifts the energy and mood up another gear, I love this moment and you’ll also have that amazing aisle photo of celebration.

9. DO ** Create a limited list of group photos for after the ceremony and stick to it.

After the large group photo, you might want a few family group photos.  Keep in mind that it takes about a 3 minute turnaround to get each small group together, to arrange and tweak them, photograph them and then get ready for the next group so if you x that by 10 group photos you’re already up to half an hour.  I would recommend no more than 6 or 7 and have one person allocated who knows who’s who to help the photographer out here.

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10. DO ** Organise a ‘First Look’ if that’s something that appeals.

Meet prior to the ceremony, have nibbles, relaxed time and a fun photo shoot – known as The First Look (Link to Blog).  The benefits of this are numerous, you are more relaxed at the ceremony, you spend more time together on your wedding day and after the ceremony you stay with guests, no running off for photos with guests waiting on your return.  You can always nip out of the reception for sunset photos later, but you’ve enjoyed canapés and drinks and mingling with guests.  I love this idea however I also LOVE that traditional first look on the aisle too  <3

So there you go 🙂 10 ideas that I’ve evolved over the past 16 years of creating personal and wonderful ceremonies.

I have sooooo many more personal ideas to create truly unique ceremonies so email or call me to ask me about this 🙂

When only the best will do <3 for you.

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