Top 10 Wedding Trends

They’re here! My hottest top 10 wedding trends of the season! Wedding Trend 1. Smaller ...

Top 10 Wedding Trends

They’re here! My hottest top 10 wedding trends of the season!

Wedding Trend 1. Smaller Weddings

Smaller weddings are definitely ‘on trend’. Fewer guests, more intimate settings which means more budget for exquisite essentials.

No scrimping on choosing your number one choice of Photographer, Celebrant, Venue.  You and your inner posse experience the ultimate in indulgence, create fabulous memories and you have the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Trend 2. Guest Attire Colour Palette

Yes, it’s a thing.  All guests requested to wear one chosen colour.
Black is exquisite, white looks amazing on the dance floor or any shade of blue creates a fresh mood.  Guest Colour Palette themed wedding photos look amazing!

This has been a theme at Wedding Showers, Engagement parties, Hen/Stag or Sten and Hag parties already.

Wedding Trend 3.  Wedding Gown + One 

Two look – switch up gowns… one gown, 2 looks! 
Walking down the aisle in the full length elegant gown complete with veil THEN
switch it up for the reception –  Lose the veil, same gown with full skirt removed to uncover your totally wow factor mini and Voila! Same gown, two looks. Reception dress genius.

Thigh high splits wowsers.. and the ‘mini’ wedding gown is starting to trend

Mini Wedding Dress

Wedding Trend 4.  Wedding Content Creators – Social Media 

Becoming more and more popular.  A role allocated to a paid supplier or to a couple of your most trusted social media savvy friends – they will absolutely love the ‘full access’ pass to your day.
Creating magical material for your reels and stories.
If you choose a wedding content creator, be mindful to make sure your ‘content creator’ is polite and etiquette savvy when it comes to weddings.  No walking on the aisle or standing in front of Grandma to get the best shot … 🙂

Wedding Trend 5. Retro kitsch cakes

Retro cakes are here for the 2024 season and might well make it through to 2025, great for those retro couples who love vinyl, glitter balls and all things of times gone by.  Not sure how long this trend will hang in there for, but for now, we’re loving this delicious retro revival.

Retro Cakes

Wedding Trend 6.  Gender Neutral Wedding Party Titles

Nearly weds (instead of Bride and/or Groom)
Wedding Party
Wedding Entourage
Support Party
I Do Crew
Wedding Posse
Bridesmaids or Bridesmen
Matron of Honour or Mates of Honour / Man of honour
Best Man or Best Lady
Festival Bestie
Friends of Honour
Person of Honour

Wedding Trend 7. Oysters and Champagne

and why not!

Oysters and Champagne

Wedding Trend 8. Art installation floral displays

With less guests on trend, the budget can accommodate extra flair with heart pipping floral arrangements.
Beautiful ceremony florals can be repurposed to table centres and main table decorations.
We’ve seen amazing photo booth walls adorned with the ceremony flowers captured on film forever.

Wedding décor and florals will include rich emerald green, deep royal blue, and passionate crimson – make sure you include peach fuzz Pantone of the year 24 and future dusk 2025 to be absolutely on trend.

Wedding Floral Arrangements

Wedding Trend 9. Personalised Cocktail’s

This one has been around for a while however isn’t going anywhere soon, it’s a clear winner with guests, a quirky and personal addition to the canape hour, we’re still loving this.

Wedding Trend 10. Here comes the Groom! Aisle entrance

Over the years I’ve stood next to hundreds of nervous grooms awaiting their partner, time ticks and nerves build, I’ve encouraged the Groom to take selfies with his groomsmen and the crowd, always a fun and sometimes a hilarious distraction. Groom entrances down the aisle with their groomsmen are becoming more and more popular and absolutely embraced by guests whether a relaxed beach wedding or uber chic classic wedding.

Groom entrance songs are always a little bit of fun so the guys can walk the aisle with more ease, high 5’s and huge applause accompanying the entrance. There is still a short wait for the arrival of their partner however the atmosphere is so much lighter.
I love this as it always finds me standing next to a buzzing, happy, relaxed Groom ready to start the celebrations and guest already feeling the love.

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