What to shower the bride and groom with on their wedding day ? Love! and ...

What to shower the bride and groom with on their wedding day ?
Love! and Confetti – by Suzanne Riley Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant 

Wow, Confetti, I love it!!!
Historically, this is an Italian tradition where brides and grooms were showered with grains and rice to bestow prosperity and fertility, they also threw sugar coated almonds (ouch haha), this tradition carried to other countries and many countries still throw rice or coloured paper.

Rice is biodegradable so is still used sometimes with eco friendly weddings, but isn’t really bird friendly, it upsets their digestion.

More eco friendly confetti ideas are Lavendar buds, smell divine and look so pretty, also bird seed, not a favourite of mine but I’ve seen this used.
A wonderful way to present your confetti, whether it’s petals, lavender, paper or even glitter .. paper cones. I’ve made them from doilies, shaped into a cone and pinned with a piece of ribbon they look so pretty.
Suzanne Riley petal Cones Marriage Celebrant sunshine Coast
You can create petal cones from any style of paper, I’ve seen music sheets used, transparent paper, pages from favourite books. For paper to match your theme, visit a specialist paper shop, scrapbooking shop (even Officeworks has a wide range of pretty paper), print your names and the wedding date to match your invitations, so easy to make. Brown paper cups can be used, these are easily bought as is and an easy option.
For absolute ease on the day, these can be ordered through your ceremony set up company who will be happy to create and personalise yours to match your theme.

Suzanne Riley Secrets on the Lake Marriage Celebrant Sunshine Coast1 copy  s196653

Your rose petal cones can be handed to the guests during your register signing so they don’t have to hold them throughout the service and they don’t throw them at the wrong time! They can also look gorgeous hung with ribbon on the chairs.

One of my bride and groom’s used small BEACH BALLS as confetti !! how cool

So.. the ‘beach balls’.. they were just small ones.. They were so much fun, looked colourful and great for a beach wedding – AMAZING!! Loved that.
Confetti can also look fabulous thrown during your group photo.
10699242_10152767352528324_1247255835_n   10699109_10152767243463324_1755069360_n
Most brides choose flower / rose petals, they’re beautiful, create the most gorgeous photo walking back down the aisle and guests get very excited about them, especially the ladies, they LOVE to throw the petals and it really does create a shift in energy as everyone stands to throw them.
10730952_1006129899402393_507014345604339739_n  Suzanne Riley Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant lou obrien copy
ne of my favourite moments of the ceremony, the shower of petals. Great time for your photographer to be at the end of aisle ready to capture the joy. Photos here by Images by Lou Sunshine Coast 

Bubbles in small tubes are popular, but sometimes they distract people, can be messy if they spill, and guests are looking down trying to blow bubbles instead of cheering and watching you walk down the aisle.. also those small tubs usually only blow a few bubbles each – they can just be blown away if there’s a strong breeze. My advice on bubbles… if you want bubbles go the bubble GUNS!! haha the ones that create hundreds of bubbles in a stream and just get a couple of people to use them.
IMG_7178   Suzanne Riley Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrantlou
Paper confetti isn’t really a great option especially if it’s humid or wet weather, I’ve seen the confetti colour leech into the dress and stain … and lots of venues don’t like them or even ban them because they can make a mess and can be hard to clean up.
Finally.. Heaven’s own confetti !! Rain 🙂 If it rains on your wedding day, embrace it, grab your gumboots and funky umbrellas, jump in puddles and enjoy every moment, remember that stormy skies and shimmering puddles make for amazing photo opportunies.. it can even make your day more fun and intimate
10676173_10152724388834920_467884374126250466_n  11707385_460347944155675_8551713996549053876_n

I just love this photo from Marion Jonkers Photography  the Sunshine Coast Queensland! LOVE
Ladies really do have the ‘confetti’ gene… they will love love love being given a cone of confetti for the walk down the aisle … One of my favourite moments of the celebrations.



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