What is the ‘FIRST LOOK’ and why is it so fabulous?

So if you’re not quite sure of the latest wedding ‘lingo’, the first look is ...

So if you’re not quite sure of the latest wedding ‘lingo’, the first look is the hottest new addition to the wedding dictionary and wedding day celebrations.  

So what’s new?

Shannon & Josh Shannon & Josh

Historically, the bride or groom is seen by the groom or bride for the very first time at the top of the aisle, a beautifully emotional moment filled with expectation, usually a lot of nerves and a sea of family and friends watching.

This can be THE most amazing moment of the day for some couples, however for others it can be nerve wracking or overwhelming.
It’s called ‘tradition’ and we love it, so let’s not take that special aisle moment away….

However!!  Let’s make it better!

Enter the modern twist of the

‘FIRST LOOK’ moment

 First looktara lee and suzanne riley marriage celebrant blogFirst look
Tara lee photography first look suzanne riley marriage celebrant6 Tara lee photography first look suzanne riley marriage celebrant5

Photographer: TaraLee Photography


The First Look moment, where the couple meet more privately a couple of hours before the ceremony for an intimate and very special connection on the day, usually accompanied by their photographer and bridal party.
This is a beautifully planned and orchestrated first look and can be emotional and wonderful, a chance to relax with your bridal party pre-ceremony and to have those fabulous wedding portraits taken whilst you’re fresh and relaxed.  

So why is this suchTara lee photography and Suzanne Riley marriage Celebrant 22a GREAT idea?
Here’s 10 great reasons 

1. It’s private! At your ‘first look’, although you may still have nerves there will be a more intimate and private connection as you see each other knowing there aren’t dozens of eyes watching.

               273712712_577131420448618_7227992267314155585_n           274155040_577138913781202_167315359354320310_n

Photographer: Nicola Brander Photography

2. The first look moment can feel so much more personal between two lovers who melt into each other with no time constraints, no ceremony, no expectation, just real, present and genuine moments. 


 3.  For your first look, organise a time at least 1.5 hours prior to the ceremony to meet at a special place for the rendezvous, you might already have a favourite romantic spot, private parkland, favourite beach or lookout.  Your photographer or planner will orchestrate the timing so that one party is waiting and the other arrives for the unveiling … 

Tara lee photography first look suzanne riley marriage celebrant 16          Tara lee photography first look suzanne riley marriage celebrant
Photographer: TaraLee Photography

4. Celebrations, champagne, kisses & fun start way before the ceremony.
No waiting ALL day to see each other if your ceremony is planned for late afternoon. You get to spend a special time together on your wedding day, you can connect, relax, chat and share a champagne, laughter and maybe a grazing platter or picnic with your bridal party before your ceremony.

       Cloud-Nine-Weddings.jpg-4   Cloud-Nine-Weddings.jpg-4 2

Your first look soiree can be organised on the Sunshine Coast in addition to your ceremony and reception styling, just contact
(click link)  Cloud Nine Weddings for all the fizz :) 

 5. The photographer will love the opportunity to take those amazing couple shots of your first look reactions and take time to take those special portraits with your bridal party.  

              Shannon & Josh    Shannon & Josh

Photography by: TaraLee Photography 

6. After the early  afternoon first look soiree, the two bridal parties can depart the first look half an hour prior to the ceremony and gather themselves, freshen up feeling relaxed and ready for the next part of the wedding day.  The Ceremony can then proceed as planned.
Make a wonderfully united entrance to your guests applause and walk the aisle together OH I LOVE THIS.

7. The aisle entrance will still be emotion filled, and have that moment you’ve always dreamed of, however you are more likely to be relaxed and  less likely to have the nerves.

Shannon & Josh    Shannon & Josh

Photography byTaraLee Photography

8. A fabulous bonus to the first look!
After the ceremony, you can enjoy mingling with your guests, enjoy family photos, cocktail hour, canapes and drinks, enjoy every moment of your wedding day without having to leave for wedding portraits. 

BLOG Autumn Harvest Table Close Up     blackberries    Suzanne Riley catering

 9. Having a first look can make your day feel much less rushed, giving you time to truly relax together before the whirlwind of the ceremony and evening celebrations start.  This truly makes it your wedding DAY. 

Tara lee photography first look suzanne riley marriage celebrant 

Photography byTaraLee Photography

10. Woooahhhh And then there’s the fun you can have with the first look :)
Yes, the bride thought this was a brilliant idea and nerves were completely gone by the time the groom saw the bride. Fun and fabulous.

Organised by the bride 🙂 This hilarious ‘first look’ took the nerves away.

Tara lee photography first look suzanne riley marriage celebrant3  Tara lee photography first look suzanne riley marriage celebrant4  First look  First look

and then the real thing

First look  First look

Tara lee photography and Suzanne Riley marriage Celebrant 21 Tara lee photography and Suzanne Riley marriage Celebrant 20

  Photographer: TaraLee Photography

After all its ALL about you, your love and your relationship and this just makes it all the more personal.

Hot Tips  

  • Organise with your stylist or planner to have drinks, nibbles, a picnic or grazing table set up and ready for the occasion. 
  • Book your hair and makeup to be finished earlier in time for your first look.
  • Keep it private, only invite your bridal party, and photographer/videographer, remember you’re doing this to have intimate, private time. 
  • Have a wet weather alternative spot organised  

Tell me your thoughts or any other tips?
Do you love this, like this or leave this for others to enjoy? xx

 Love Suzanne xxxxx

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