Same Sex – Getting married advice for planning your big day

I’m so proud of Australia it’s a YES!!!!!! The new law is inevitable 🙂 If ...


I’m so proud of Australia it’s a YES!!!!!!

The new law is inevitable 🙂 If you are planning to be married sooner rather than later here are a few very important tips to start to get in place for planning your amazing wedding day.

Whether a lavish affair or a small elopement … the LEGAL paperwork is all the same.

So ‘What legal steps are needed to be ready for the new law and to be same sex married.. actually no! to be MARRIED!! 🙂 we can drop all the same sex labels now!! in Australia .. This is freaking exciting.

1. Realise that every couple who wish to marry in Australia MUST give their celebrant a Notice of Intended Marriage. This is in the form of a document which the couple completes and it is witnessed either by your celebrant or an authorised witness as stated on the form.
This form can be lodged THE DAY the law comes into action. The notice must be lodged one month prior to the wedding date and within 18 months. So, one month from the day this law becomes actioned, there are going to be lots of marriages!!
Note: The one month is mandatory. There are special cases where the notice of time can be shortened, however it is by case by case assessment by magistrate and usually under dire circumstances, your celebrant can give you further details of this.

2. Right now, start to get your ID together.  You will need to supply proof of your name, place and date of birth and photo ID.  So birth certificate and Drivers License or Passport is perfect for this.

3. If you have been married before 🙂 you MUST show proof of how the last marriage ended, this could be a death, nullity or divorce certificate.  You cannot be married if you are still married.  A valid marriage solemnised in any country in the world is valid in Australia and must have proof of end.

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4. If you are a DESTINATION COUPLE – it’s super easy….all paperwork can be completed remotely and meetings happen on FaceTime and Skype. Sunshine Coast is an amazing place for a wedding.. we have the beaches, hinterland, world class venues and accomodation, a domestic airport right here, every supplier under the sun and sunshine ! 🙂

5. RESEARCH .. Great Celebrants will be booked out sometimes a year or more in advance…. so get onto the web, research, look through all the celebrant websites, stalk them on Facebook 🙂 check reviews and look through their photos….  and see who you love, who looks fabulous for YOU and get in touch.  Even before the law is passed you may want to start to lock in dates …
Your celebrant will make or break the celebration… this is historic, a page in your life book which HAS TO BE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! :)) so be picky.


6. Make an appointment with a planner… you can give them your brief and leave it to them…
CLOUD NINE WEDDINGS on the Sunshine Coast are one supplier I’d highly recommend, they do everything from the invites, the bookings, advice on everything, right through to co-ordinating the day.. every final perfect detail..  they’ve been around for over 20 years and make life soooo easy!! Again google and see who you love.  A planner can ultimately save you dozens of hours and headaches, they know the fabulous, the good, bad and ugly in the industry, and will stick you your budget. Planners have amazing contacts and can get you amazing deals and prices.. so it ultimately can save you money too. I love this.23622195_10156071070587558_3925874641460975608_n

7. Start to BOOK your suppliers and lock them in with deposits.  All suppliers right now are aware of not having that deadline date for the new law, you can still get all the groundwork done and even tentatively lock in a date.

8. CHECKOUT the expos!! Visit the Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase in January (huge, it’s the biggest expo of the year for the Sunshine Coast and has only Sunshine Coast’s best suppliers).
There you’ll meet in person, all of the best wedding suppliers on the Sunshine Coast.  We will ALL be celebrating in a magnificent way!! So don’t miss out on the rainbow celebration.

From my heart…
To all of my amazing, gorgeous, fabulous same sex couples I’ve ‘married’ with unions and commitment ceremonies in the past….  I’m so so happy for you.  Remember.. that on the day the new law is passed, or any day you want .. I’ll marry you as a gift of joy!

We have all been waiting for this <3 for too long.

Feeling goosebumps and fizzing.

Love Suzanne

The dream team for these photos 🙂 xxx

Celebrant: Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant 
Photographer: Candi Photography
Videographer: Jensen and Young
Makeup: Sally Townsend Makeup
Venue: The Lakehouse Sunshine Coast
Gown: Judy Copley Couture
Suits: Suits Direct
Puppy: LouLou 🙂
Florist: Heavenly Designs

Checkout this link… fall in love with the Sunshine Coast Visit Sunshine Coast 


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