10 Tips for Wearing a Veil

Tips for a no fail Veil experience 1. Secure the Veil Secure your veil, enough ...

Tips for a no fail Veil experience

1.  Secure the Veil

Secure your veil, enough that you could pull it and it won’t come out, you want to be immersed in the moment and romance, not fiddling with an accessory.
I’ve seen brides veils fly off during the ceremony, having to be re positioned and even been pulled out with a hug.
(Charlie hope you don’t mind me sharing) I once had a bride lose her veil from the top storey balcony of a high rise hotel on a very windy day, it wasn’t secured with bobby pins and just flew out, it flew away and took half an hour to retrieve… but it was spotless and made it to the ceremony looking amazing!

Suzanne Riley marriage Celebrant 3 veil



2. Let your celebrant know

Tell your celebrant that you’ll be wearing a veil if you are having an outdoor ceremony so that when you’ve walked down the aisle and are positioned next to your groom, the wind is not blowing from behind you.  Your celebrant can easily swap your groom to the other side it’s so much better for the veil to blow back and away from you. This is also a good tip if you have long hair and wearing it down too.

Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant veil story  Not Suzanne Riley marriage Celebrant

3.  When to Unveil

If you choose to wear your veil over your face walking down the aisle, your father (or person who walks you down the aisle) can raise it and place it over your head, and give you a kiss once you have arrived at the end of the aisle to your groom.
Your matron of honour should have her eye on your veil at this point in time and make sure your veil is sitting nicely before the ceremony starts.

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4.  50 Shades of White

Your veil should be the same colour as your dress. If your dress is white, your veil should be white, if your dress is cream, your veil should match… easy mistake to make is to mismatch your whites if you buy the veil separately… and something that many bride’s don’t consider… so be aware it can look ok on the day but will stand out in photos as mismatched.

Unless of course you want to make a super impact and go for something completely different… black Or pink OR Yellow!

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5.  What length?

The length of your veil – what to choose? A stylish bird cage look can add a vintage feel. The longer veils (cathedral and chapel length) can look beautiful, however consider that they are really not practical at outdoor weddings, especially if they’re longer than the dress, they can be stepped on, gather twigs and dirt and be one thing to annoy the bride. Something to keep in mind is to look beyond the photos and really think about the logistics of the day… will the veil be a beautiful addition or the biggest pain being pulled and having to be held over your arm.

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6.  Veil Bling

To add to the detail of your veil, you can wear a decorative piece like a hair piece, a head band, hair brooch, real flowers, even a a flower crown or choose an unusual texture such as polka dot, lace, satin or crystal edging. You can have yours and your partners initials delicately embroidered discreetly into the design. Your veil can be a cool accessory it can change your entire look, so even if you hadn’t planned on wearing a veil, try on a few different styles, fabrics and textures with the dress. Even try something ‘way out’ just for a giggle and you never know you might just find your quirky something different for the big day.

Suzanne Riley veil marriage celebrant 1 Suzanne Riley wedding celebrant marriage sunshine coast Noosa Mooloolaba  Svetlana-Lazareva-Brides-Magazine-Wedding-Dresses-2016-03Suzanne Riley veil blog



7. ‘Something borrowed’

If you’re a sucker for tradition and a lover of all things sentimental… you could wear a veil worn by someone precious to you.  Does your Grandmother or your mother have a gorgeous veil lovingly packed in bridal tissue and just waiting to be rediscovered and loved or a sister or cousin married and wore a veil you loved? You may be able to re model it and create something modern keeping the sentiment.

Handmade-Juliet-cap e952d930-ccfa-4bf9-b9ee-674fc2b61080~rs_768.h

or…. You could create your own look by designing your own veil or by enlisting the help of a designer to create something totally unique and exquisite  


8. Veil Props

Your veil can be a very handy photo shoot accessory creating different moods and catching light.

Nak photography suzanne riley marriage celebrant sunshine coastNak photography suzanne riley marriage celebrant

Same Sex wedding, groom wears a veil, two grooms   veil art, Sunshine Coast photographer   ben connolly photographer with Suzanne Riley   Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant Sunshine Coast fabulous celebrant ben Connolly photographer


These photos were captured by
Ben Connolly Photographer – most awarded Photographer on the Sunshine Coast


9. When to Remove your Veil

You can remove your veil after the ceremony for more freedom during the photo shoot or for a different look at the reception, even change up your hair a little if it’s possible.

Suzanne Riley veil marriage Celebrant Suzanne Riley Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant marion one ish



10.  Old is New with Veils

Latest wedding trends include 1920’s style floristry and this theme is also being seen with next season’s veil with hints of the 20’s and 30’s styles starting to appear in some of 2017’s latest collections….


Suzanne Riley veil story one to


Thanks Jen from Deluxe Kombi Service for this 11th Tip! 🙂

11. Veil Safety

Whilst travelling! Ensure you have gathered your veil gently beside you on your journey to ceremony and that you check the veil hasn’t become wedged in and trapped in car seat groves before getting out. An experienced chauffeur will mention this, they will also help search and find veils that have been displaced by high winds and flown off balconies. X




Like so many things on your wedding day you’ll just ‘know’ what’s right for you.. it’s so much fun choosing all of the different aspects of your bridal wear, suppliers and special touches.  Whatever you choose, feel fabulous and you will look fabulous!! 🙂

I hope you loved the 10  11 top tips when wearing a veil!
Feel free to share these tips and send feedback, do you have any tips to add? let me know!! 🙂

xx Suzanne

With thanks to Judy Copley Couture Bridal Design,  Ivie White designer of unique veils and hair pieces and also ‘A Veiled Affair’ who have a collection of veils and headpieces to choose from online.
Thank you to Ben Connolly Photographer,  Marion Jonkers Photography and NAK photography for some of these beautiful photographs and AnnaBella Chapel Swing and Gardens for the gorgeous locations.

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