What is the ‘FIRST LOOK’ and why is it so fabulous?

So if you’re not quite sure of the latest wedding ‘lingo’, the first look is the hottest new addition to the wedding dictionary and wedding day celebrations.  
So what’s new?

Historically, the bride or groom is seen by the groom or bride for the very first time at the [...]

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    Wedding Advice Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a FABULOUS Wedding

Wedding Advice Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a FABULOUS Wedding

Top Ten wedding planning ideas to put on your ‘Do list’
Do’s …  Fabulous Celebrant advice on the Sunshine Coast Mooloolaba, Noosa 

Do your research and hire professionals
This is one day in your life where your research will pay off in bundles so read reviews, checkout online social media history, [...]

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Legal Process step by step – Getting Married in Australia

Getting Married Legally in Australia
 The Legal Process Step by Step

So you want to be married?

This is the only legal love ceremony in Australia.

This is the process.

So what are the legalities to getting married in Australia?
You must:
1. be a partnership of two people [regardless of gender] [...]

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    Same Sex – Getting married advice for planning your big day

Same Sex – Getting married advice for planning your big day

I’m so proud of Australia it’s a YES!!!!!!
The new law is inevitable :) If you are planning to be married sooner rather than later here are a few very important tips to start to get in place for planning your amazing wedding day.
Whether [...]

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    Wet Weather Wedding Plan B How to have a successful wet weather wedding

Wet Weather Wedding Plan B How to have a successful wet weather wedding

The Queensland Bureau of Meteorology and many news bulletins are reporting that Queensland may experience La Nina weather event which will bring a lot of rain over the next few months, so we may be in for a wetter than usual summer season. 

For Summer brides it’s always a great idea to [...]

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2017 Weddings – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Hi !  I’m absolutely fizzing with so much to share!  So what’s hot and what’s not this season?
The weather on the South East Coast of Queensland where I live has been hot and not in the first quarter of 2017
Hot? It’s been Sizzling hot and we’ve seen [...]

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10 Tips for Wearing a Veil

Tips for a no fail Veil experience
1.  Secure the Veil
Secure your veil, enough that you could pull it and it won’t come out, you want to be immersed in the moment and romance, not fiddling with an accessory.
I’ve seen brides veils fly off during the ceremony, having to [...]

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Ideas for Presenting the Rings

Traditionally, the Best Man is given the responsibility of keeping the rings safe and then the honour of presenting them to the bride and groom at the Altar.  When brothers or best friends share this moment there is usually emotion and mateship, if this is who the Groom chooses [...]

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Hidden Grove Noosa Main Beach – Sinead and Adam

Gorgeous girls, excited and looking forward to an amazing day after pampering by
Ruby Jade Make Up Artistry
Sinead did not stop smiling, even through the vows and tears and Adam couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride, the happiest of happy moments to be part of this gorgeous [...]

Unplugged Ceremony ALL you need to know

My hottest topic recently has been
‘Unplugged Weddings’ 
by Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant #suzannecelebrant
To allow guests to take and share photos or not?
Here’s my take on it
Before you make the the ‘zero photo’ decision really think about your personal situation because you have options and instead of zero, [...]

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Tips for a wonderfully cool… hot wedding

Hi Brides and Grooms … So you’re having a summer, outdoor wedding, fingers crossed for blue skies, slight breeze and not too hot.

Here are some tips that I’ve gathered along the way…
As the celebrant I’m at your ceremony spot before your guests…I’m there until the guests start to leave [...]

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Wow, Confetti, I love it!!!
Historically, this is an Italian tradition where brides and grooms were showered with grains and rice to bestow prosperity and fertility, they also threw sugar coated almonds (ouch haha), this tradition carried to other countries and many countries still throw rice or coloured paper.

Rice [...]

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Being blogged

The Brides Tree Online
“So, you want a wedding ceremony that’s just a little bit different, hey? One that’s filled with fun and includes little unique extras that really knock your guests’ socks off? Well, you’re going to want to meet the celebrant that created this extra special ceremony”: [...]

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    Offbeat Bride advice on how to not hate your wedding photos! LOVE it.

Offbeat Bride advice on how to not hate your wedding photos! LOVE it.

RE-blog here… I love this so much I must share!!
This is a recent blog I read from Offbeat Bride Website


1. Like your photographer

Not only do you have to like the photos your photographer takes, but you have to like your photographer’s personality as well. When you meet with a [...]

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Music for your wedding day

Music really does create the mood for any occasion and whether it’s the bridal entrance, the first romantic dance or the DJ list for the party, it can make or break the moment or it can make or break the whole occasion.

We all have a song that evokes a [...]

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Changing your name after marriage in Queensland


Suzanne Riley – Marriage Celebrant

Changing your name after the ceremony


Changing your name through marriage in Queensland
Many people choose to use their spouse’s surname once they’re married. However, changing your name through marriage is not compulsory. It’s a custom and not the law.

You legally may start to use [...]

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Engagement Party Wedding

On a warm, still, June afternoon, overlooking the Mooloolaba canal, Naomi Jackson and Perry Elliott were surrounded by 40 of their closest family and friends, gathered to celebrate their engagement.
 The speeches were announced early and the couple thanked everyone for coming and then created a huge wave of excitement [...]

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Google Worldwide Online Wedding



Do you have guests who can’t make the big day because of distance? Hhmmm this is something to consider for your big day – Google Chats.

The day Rachel married Ace, the world was watching, well, I should say, ‘their’ world was watching :)
Before the [...]

Lollipops and Converse

Lollipops and Converse!

The theme for this wedding was ‘True Colours’, one of the couple’s favourite songs, with such a deep meaning to them both, the bride had one of the verses tattood on her arm for the wedding day.
The gorgeous Bride Courtney surprised me and everyone else, [...]

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    12 most fabulous ‘thinking outside the box’ tips for your ceremony, from Suzanne

12 most fabulous ‘thinking outside the box’ tips for your ceremony, from Suzanne

Photos by Images by Lou and Alan Hughes Photography both amazing Sunshine Coast Photographers

You know when you do something and you just ‘do it’ because it seems like ‘common sense’ and the most logical thing to do… and then someone comments on how ‘different, amazing, unusual’ these [...]

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