Offbeat Bride advice on how to not hate your wedding photos! LOVE it.

RE-blog here… I love this so much I must share!! This is a recent blog ...

RE-blog here… I love this so much I must share!!

This is a recent blog I read from Offbeat Bride Website


1. Like your photographer

Not only do you have to like the photos your photographer takes, but you have to like your photographer’s personality as well. When you meet with a photographer, make sure you’re meeting with the person who will shoot your wedding.  I have my favourites listed here on my website at Contact and Links 

To avoid getting burned:

  • Ask to see a full wedding.
  • Along with the photographer’s personality, does their photographic style match your wedding?
  • If you’re still having trouble deciding, book an engagement session — this lets you take your photographer for a “test drive” before the big day.

2. Choose a professional WEDDING photographer

Photo by Lou from Images by Lou O’brien

Experience is the best teacher, so hire someone who specialises in weddings and has shot a lot of them. Good wedding photographers use their sixth senses to feel moments before they happen.


3. Tread cautiously when hiring friends or family

Allow your friends and family to be guests at your wedding. Photographer friends may offer to take photos out of kindness, but I suggest turning them down. Here’s a secret: They probably won’t mind being turned down. Wedding photographers never get to be guests. It’s refreshing to attend a wedding where we can leave the camera at home, hit the bar and let their hair down.. and it’s best not  to mix business and pleasure, right?


4. Delete your wedding Pinterest boards

If you’re expecting your photographer to emulate all your favorite photos on Pinterest, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed — because those weddings aren’t your wedding, so your photos won’t (and shouldn’t!) look the same.  Your photographer will capture every one of your special details… no groundhog day, just yours!

So purge your pinterest boards… Sacrilege, I know — but delete your pins and let go. The planning process is over. It’s time for your wedding. Your commitment to each other. Your love for each other.

5. Avoid the time warp


Wedding day transportation always takes twice as long as you think it will — plan for it. If you forget to account for freeway traffic en route to your reception venue, you might cut your photo-taking time in half. Find out how much time your photographer will need, and work on a realistic time schedule. Photographers are magicians, but we can’t actually bend time. Build a solid timeline with the help of a planner or coordinator, if you can. Nothing will eff up your wedding day photos more than rushing everything into an unrealistic timeline.

6. No laser lights ever


Do you look good with green spots on your face? No? Then kindly ask your DJ to kill the laser light show. Laser lights are pretty much the worst thing ever invented — they make your guests look like they have a mutant green skin disease.

7. Put down the vodka cranberry

Wait until after your ceremony and photos to drink, I’m not saying you have to skip the mimosas, but keep hydrated and take it slow. Hate your drunk face? I can’t fix that with photoshop. Plus vodka cranberry is hard to get out of a wedding dress.


8. Unplug during your wedding ceremony

Welcome to the era of the over-documented wedding, where even though you’ve hired someone to take photos, every guest has a camera, facebook, instagram and is live-tweeting..

This topic has been heavily debated already. If you love to see loads of photos on facebook and instagram and can’t wait to see yours.. then just ask your guests to be discreet and give them guidelines.. if not .. tell them it’s unplugged.  Your Celebrant can lay down the law before the ceremony so everyone is on the same page.

9. Feed your photographer

food_camera 3

Your caterer has a sinister plan called “hide the photographer.” After the photographer’s blood sugar hits rock bottom, they lead them into a dark hallway 100 yards from reception. At that exact moment, the DJ will announce that it’s time for parent dances. I’m not sure where this awful tradition started, but there’s an easy solution: Ask your caterer to feed your photographer at the same time as the bride and groom, so they’re back in action at the same time you are. If possible, give them a table in the main reception room. That way if an epic moment happens, they’re there to capture it.


10. Turn crappy into happy with uplighting

I’ve seen a DJ turn a bare room with four walls into a Vegas Nightclub with uplighting. Most professional DJs offer uplighting packages.


11. Find the photos you DO like and get them on your wall and in an album


What did you do with your photos after the wedding? Do you have them up in your house? Do you have an album?

After spending money on wedding photos, please please please do not leave them in the digital nebulas and interwebs.

Even if you’re disappointed with your wedding photos, find the few you do like, and print them up. If it’s literally only a couple photos, cherish them, print them, and hang them on the wall.

If you can find a few more, make an album. The process of choosing photos to print might help you re-live all the excitement of your wedding. You may never go through the 1,000 digital images that you hate on your hard drive, but you’ll look at the certain photos that you do like in your album, or that one photo on your wall for years to come.


Here’s the link the original article… Love it !!!

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