Hi !  I’m absolutely fizzing with so much to share!  So what’s hot and what’s not this season?

The weather on the South East Coast of Queensland where I live has been hot and not in the first quarter of 2017
Hot? It’s been Sizzling hot and we’ve seen so many new, fresh 2017 wedding trends emerge to match the weather… Brides and Grooms, turn up the air-con for these gorgeous ideas!

(and What’s not? Cyclone Debbie! )

The Ten Hot Wedding Trends to start the year

 1.   Greenery! 

So if you haven’t heard the hot news yet, this years Pantone colour of choice is Greenery !
And that news comes straight from the International Pantone Colour Institute

Unknown         Unknown-1

Credit:Ben Connolly Professional Photographer - Beedazzled Events

And what a wow this colour scheme has made as it has burst onto the wedding scene with spectacular natural, rich and lush appeal.
Greenery + weddings = A match made in heaven

   Suzanne Riley alter  Blog weddings sunshine coast suzanne riley 90

Mooloolaba Beach Events and the gorgeous AnnaBella The Wedding Chapel

……AND more Greenery!

We’ve seen banana leaf place settings and seating plans … and arbours! Oh my goodness.. gone are the curtain arbours and carpet aisles and not a minute too soon, we’re seeing beautifully abundant lush greenery and we’re loving it!
Luscious green bouquets adorned with long leafy stems being the statement piece without detracting from the gown OH be still my beating heart!

   17554484_10155249899903324_5350997503634671923_n   17630076_10158755010230508_5343583378865315557_n   17499399_10155249899618324_2561492521673464234_n
Credits Cloud Nine Wedding Planners  Amy Hinks Photography  Wendy’s flowers

slide1 Blog weddings sunshine coast suzanne riley bouquet Sunshine-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-Matt-Rowe-475
Naturally Green is always peaceful AnnaBella The Wedding Chapel Sunshine Coast

2.  Bridal Gowns Peekaboo Lace

Last year celebrated luxe shimmering metallics and the juxtaposition boho vibe and we loved the gypsy wanderers of 2015. This year we’ve seen an evolution of this look with a more elegant, chic take on this natural and relaxed style…with peekaboo lace panels, crop top and skirt combinations, exquisite laces to get your heart pipping, with rose gold and shimmering details, fabrics and bridesmaids… fine long lines and not a hoop or a meringue in sight.

Blog weddings sunshine coast suzanne riley  jusy copley  blog Judy Copley 2 Blog weddings sunshine coast suzanne riley  BlogJudy Copley Blog weddings sunshine coast suzanne riley

Credits Gowns by Judy Copley Couture – Queensland

1484036238839  IvieWhite-8219+(683x1024)  1484036065636

Credit Gowns Ivy White Couture – Stephanie Patey Sunshine Coast 

And the bridesmaids! With earthy greens being the hottest colour of the season, we’re also still seeing the neutral shades of blush from last years pantone swatches of rose quartz and that dreamy blue serenity palette with a still strong love affair with Navy here in Queensland.
Hair jewellery rather than veils have been the brides accessory of choice with metallic, bling and lace showing a strong presence.

Blog weddings sunshine coast suzanne riley 388aa3562-77d3-45a1-a181-db5334e7a1f7 Blog weddings sunshine coast suzanne riley 9

3.  The First Look
Start the celebrations and the precious memories with your LOVE!
(and your photographer)   :) 

Looking outside the square and out with the checklist blueprint wedding day schedule, brides and grooms are opting to really mix it up.  Couples are loving the idea of meeting up a couple of hours before the ceremony at a private location to have that intimate, romantic ‘first look’ first sight of each other, a moment to share out of the limelight and just between lovers … oh and of course the photographer who captures every memory of the first moments of their day together. Couples enjoy this time to capture beautiful photos together and then arrive to their ceremony on time, with most of the official photos done and dusted.   This means that they can now join their guests after the ceremony for a few family photos and straight into the celebrations, nibbles, drinks, party time! No shooting off for 2 hours whilst guests are waiting. This is the HOTTEST cool new trend for the wedding day schedule and makes so much sense. LOVE it.

FirstLook-001  First-Look

Credit Christine Chang Photography and for more first look ideas see Onefabday.com
hotographer images by Lou

4.  Grazing stations with p’zzaz

Oooh walnut and blue cheese, gooey brie, smoked gouda, antipasto, smoked salmon, figs, grapes, crostini… this is the grazing table, becoming OH so popular!

We’ve seen Grazing tables appear at the pre-reception drinks to tantalise the tastebuds replacing canapés and performing as the stylish prequel to the feast that is to come.

Suzanne Riley catering  george-in-rye-catering

Sunshine Coast Fine Caterers  Canape Project   Capelli Food

Couple this with a ‘Cocktail Station’ highlighting a ‘Brides’ and ‘Groom’s’ Cocktail of choice… and you’re off and running for an interesting and fun start to the celebrations.

      blackberries  9e88de0c8531fd38e544cf63a395ea92

Grazing stations are appearing as a complete dessert stations… ditch the alternate drop dessert course and opt for this fabulous new self serve trend with cheeses, meats, fruits and tiny finger desserts.. complete with ‘donut wall backdrop’ for that extra energy boost, this is a thoughtful pit stop for the guests who want to dance all night! Appreciated by all and deliciously devoured and revisited into the wee small hours. Of course a small wedding cake will always be the table hero and the must have cutting of the cake photo.

Cheese-Dessert-Table-the-cheese-section  BLOG Autumn Harvest Table Close Up

5.  Donut Walls

I saw these for the first time last year at a breakfast buffet at the 6 star Mandarin Oriental hotel in Kuala Lumpur and was ahhhmazed! I thought their chefs were really onto something crazy and fabulous. Donut Walls have been a serious new trend over the past few months bursting onto many party menu’s.  Remember there as many calories in a donut as there are in a muffin so eat donuts! :)

Suzanne Riley donut wall  Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.42.09 am  Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.42.09 am

Mandarin Oriental KL Donut wall Artist Mel from Chocolate to Chilli 
Click here 
to see The Brides Tree magazine feature

6.  Professional Wedding MC’s
& Reception Entertainment

Gone are the days are the “intro’s, three courses, speeches, cake and dancing” routine.  We’ve seen how fabulous the photo booth and video booths have been for getting your guests right in the mood, having fun, interacting and loving the party! They’re still hot and will be for a while!

e6e31d_b9760348af63dce0c2b54425abd09868  e6e31d_0df7f47918474bcca0ec84128fa8cb06~mv2
MC and DJ extraordinaire :) Lee Bevington – Bevo 

AND that’s only the beginning to create the celebration of a lifetime!
Professional Wedding MC’s like the fabulous Lee Bevington are a must, they keep the evening on pace, hosting and energizing, working with the entertainment and caterers and no need to put your rambling uncle, nervous brother or need to be sober best friend under stress to host the night!

Brides and Grooms are opting to create a memorable party with highlights their guests will be talking about with their grandchildren!

2017 Brazil Rio Carnivale – SAMBA QUEEN has a troop of dancers on the Sunshine Coast
Som Ba Sha Samba Girls – So many feathers and so much fun!

     Blog 2017 1 Suzanne Riley Sunshine Coast2

Fire Twirlers and Samba Girls! Oh yes… crazy fire, drumming, feathers, sequined bikini’s fun, laughter and a whole lot of energy… a great way to wake up your guests after the speeches and get the party really heating up.

Temporary Tattoo artists at your reception have been an item on the ‘Hottest cool’ list too.. regardless of their age, guests love to allow their inner mischief to flow when they have the chance… and what a way to do that! Imagine Nana with a shoulder tattoo….. the laughter and fun!

Roving magicians, video booths, have shown they’re worth their weight in gold when entertaining guests between ceremony and reception.

7.  Chalk Board Art & Personalised Wedding Signs

We’ve seen the steady increase in wedding signs over the past year, chalk boards and whimsical hand created rustic signs made an appearance last year.
This year we’ve witnessed a burst of personalised, custom created signs, wooden boards and chalk boards, showing calligraphy sign written instruction, information and love notes.  They’re huge right now and we can’t see them going anywhere fast.

chalk-art   Suzanne Riley chalk boards

Calligraphy specialist Bespoke designs – Fran Timpson

8.  Small Weddings 

The traditional larger weddings will always be topping the statistics but this year,smaller weddings are big business and so popular. From intimate, exquisite elopements with less than 10 guests to the ‘No scrimping on any of the ‘Wedding bells and whistles’… the best of everything – small wedding with numbers around 30-40, the ‘new black’ is definitely quality over quantity.

14925675_926149774196018_2878980935390589767_n 16864078_781954038625015_8090300566308922390_n 16681684_779456392208113_2556306816930484166_n Garden at The Falls Montville  Champagne Elopement at Sunset Set Sail Cruise Elopement with Life and Love Photography

Small group + personal chef = fabulous!  Groups from 2 people LOVE!
Sunshine Coast Finest Caterers  Canape Project and  Capelli Food

9.  Instagram #weddinghashtag

#fabulous #MrandMrsBigDay #getontoit
If you’re not on Instagram you’re missing the current place to be on social media.
Brides and Grooms are claiming their hashtag # and of course letting everyone know via social media and a calligraphy written Chalk board at the ceremony!
#Lovingthistrend Follow this link to #visitSuzanneCelebrantonInstagram:)


10.  Finding Online Bridal Magazine Inspiration

… and this one is pretty hot!! It’s jam packed with wedding inspiration.


 To see tonnes of inspiration, real weddings, current trends, ‘find your Tribe’ suppliers, everything to get your creative wedding mojo pumping… you’ll find it all in The Brides Tree Online Magazine

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* I love this!! Oh and check out page 41 for one of my gorgeous weddings xx Suzanne

So in brief….

Top 10 2017 wedding ‘What’s hot’

  • Greenery Pantone of the year
  • Metalic and Lace gowns
  • First Look
  • Grazing Stations
  • Donut Walls
  • Professional MC’s and Reception Entertainment
  • Chalkboard Art
  • Small weddings
  • Instagram hashtags! #fabulous
  • The Brides Tree FREE Magazine

Top 10 wedding 2017 ‘What’s not hot’

  • Carpet aisles on beach and garden ceremonies
  • Even numbers for bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Tidy, neat floral bouquets
  • Formal wedding day schedules
  • Guests taking photos during the ceremony
  • Boring Readings
  • Ceremony rehearsals
  • Family member MC’s
  • Vintage Charm
  • Carnival Colours


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