Music really does create the mood for any occasion and whether it’s the bridal entrance, the first romantic dance or the DJ list for the party, it can make or break the moment or it can make or break the whole occasion.

We all have a song that evokes a special memory, this is what happens with songs you choose for your wedding day.
Your memory will forever be attached to the song, so… take some time to choose the music which will reflect the mood you want to create.  Music is so personal, my first piece of advice is to choose what ‘you’ love.

Music to plan
I have a whole pinterest board devoted to music for ceremonies that I’ve either liked or has been used in some of my ceremonies, so take a visit there, with links to youtube so you can hear the songs .. I love youtube!!

Pinterst Boards here… click onto the Music for your ceremony!


Music lists


Decide what style of music you would like.  So many choices…. if you like the idea of live music, there are beautiful string trio’s / quartets, harpists, Guitar soloists, singers and even drumming groups to entertain the guests and serenade you down the aisle. If you have booked a chapel or function centre there is usually sound equipment available for use.  If your ceremony is planned for a park or beach, most Celebrants will extend the invitation to use their PA system to play your chosen CD or MP3 music, so check this when booking.

If you choose to use a PA for you ceremony, I always recommend that you have everything clearly marked on playlists with a responsible ‘go to’ music person who will be cool, calm and collected on the day and liaise with the celebrant to know exactly when to play ‘what’.

HINT: Place your device on ‘airplane mode’ so no interruptions can happen .. ensure the device is fully charged AND have a back up too!!

Music lists:

1.  Waiting Guests
Approximately 10 background songs to play as guests arrive, wait and mingle before the arrival of the bride. This music will create the mood for the waiting guests, if the mood of the music is light and happy, then this is the mood that will be created.

2. The Bridal Entrance.
You have a couple of options.  To use ‘one’ song for the arrival of the entire bridal party.


You can split the entrance with a special song for the bridal party to enter.  Once the bridesmaids are in place, their song is ‘volumed down’ and the Bridal entrance song is started. This is where the Bride enters.
I love this as it really gives the bridesmaids a moment to get into position and enjoy every moment of the Brides entrance.

3. Signing of the Register
I suggest 3 songs for the background music – sometimes this is a longer process if the photographer decides to take extra photos etc, so it’s lovely to be prepared with special songs chosen.

4. The Recessional Song.
This is where you walk back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.

What a celebration this moment is! So choose a song that will really fit the mood, upbeat, happy and a true celebration.

5. Congratulations.

I like to have background music playing quietly to create atmosphere as your guests congratulate you, choose approximately 6 songs with an upbeat feel.



For the reception, plan your music with your DJ.  Your DJ will be able to get the party started exactly to your ‘brief’, so make sure you communicate exactly what you expect for your celebrations. Your DJ will have a music list and will most likely have some great ideas to suit your individual celebrations.

Check out DJ Websites and you’ll get a great idea of their energy and feel.
Cool DJ Bevo… go and take a cheeky look here – some good links here to lists for the most popular wedding music party choices!!

Background music for your DVD!!

Take a look at these gorgeous video’s from my weddings and see how the music really does create an amazing feel!!!

This is a short video by

Lee and Fiona’s elopement short video – Love the music <3 

An elopement video .. photos also set to music I love this!!!
A short film shot on a go pro by Katelyn from Kateshots photography, wait til you see what she did with music!! <3 love.